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Gunadharer Vranti - Bengali Short Documentry - Aastha Creations

Poluda is a typical Mla for last two decades in the locality.He is known for murder,rape and all crimes .Gunadhar is his assistant whose wife started believing that his character is also becoming same as Poluda.She fought with him regularly but Gunadhar tried to justify that he is not replicating his character.When the Government withdrew all 500 and 1000 rupee note then Poluda asked to Gunadhar to settle his 3 crore old notes by depositing in people's account and make them white money.Gunadhar did the job by threatening people without any hesitation within a week.One day while Gundhar was returning home he saw a beautiful lady in dark and started following her in intension to rape her.When he caught her and began to hug her got shocked it was no one but his wife.It got proved before his wife that he is totally bad character person.
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